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Red Wine Aerator Tower Set,32.5cm


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Red Wine Aerator Tower Set,32.5cm

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Item Description
The Red Wine Aerator Tower Set by Vinturi allows you to quickly and conveniently aerate wine by the bottle or glass. Simply place a glass under the aerator that is suspended by the tower and pour. When wine is poured into the aerator, its internal, patented design creates an increase in the wine's velocity while simultaneously decreasing its pressure. This difference in pressure draws in the proper amount of air, which mixes with the wine for the right amount of time, and delivers a better bouquet, enhanced flavors, and a smoother finish - the absolute perfect aeration. It's that easy.
The aerator is made from acrylic, and the following are included with the aerator: a no-drip aerator stand and a filter screen.
The Red Wine Aerator Tower Set consists of: Red Wine Aerator; Tower Arm; Tower Base; No Splash Grate; No-Drip Aerator Stand; Filter Screen.
  • Dimensions:   H: 32.5cm
  • Material:   Acrylic
  • Colour:   clear
  • Origin:   China
  • Dishwasher Safe:   No
  • Microwave Safe:   No
  • Oven Safe:   No
  • Web Code:   ZIEM